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Welcome to Kenbay Electric Bicycles

Welcome to the website of Kenbay Electric Bikes based in Dublin, Ireland. Kenbay Electric Bikes was established in 2006 and our electric bicycles (also known as pedelecs) are available throughout Ireland through our bicycle shops dealers and can also be purchased directly if your part of Ireland isn’t covered yet.

Our bikes offer all the benefits of a bicycle with none of the drawbacks. Powered by cheap electricity, hills are no longer an issue, long journeys are now achievable and showering after is a thing of the past. Using one of our bikes you can reduce your commuting costs and cut commuting times, have pollution free transport and power your way to work!

Commuting isn’t the only use for our bikes either. Simply getting around independently, without the use of a car and expensive petrol, is ideal on our bikes. Most people who purchase a Kenbay end up not being able to do without. Whether it’s to get to the local shop, zip into town and back or even making deliveries for your business, it’s all achievable with a Kenbay electric bicycle.

Suitable for those who want to keep fit, short distance commuting and active older people, the new range of Kenbay electric bicycles use state of the art longer lasting lightweight batteries (LiFePO4) and light alloy frames.

Built to high standards – all models carry a one year battery and motor guarantee along with a three year frame warranty.

No license, no tax, no insurance, no NCT, no petrol and no pollution. Forget about rising costs and enjoy a healthier lifestyle on a KenBay electric bike.

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